Mosquito (11U)


The 11u Mosquito Division plays 6 innings per game. There are 60 feet between bases and 46 ft. from pitching rubber to home plate. There is a maximum of 4 runs per inning, except in the last inning, where unlimited runs may be scored. As of 2009 Pitchers are governed by the new pitch count rules of BC Minor Baseball rather than by the number of innings pitched. Base stealing is allowed after the pitch crosses home plate. Max bat size 32 in. length and 2 1/4 in. barrel diameter.

All players will have their own turn to bat and it is live pitching for all innings of the game with six innings usually played.  Umpires are required for each game. Field distance between all bases is 60 feet and the point of home base and the front side of the pitcher’s plate is 44 feet.

Players are provided their own jersey, belt, socks and a Newton baseball hat.  Other equipment required for this division are white baseball pants, baseball glove, athletic cup, helmet with chin strap and cleats.  Team bats are provided for use to those who do not have their own bats.  Please see current BC Minor Baseball Bat Rules if you plan to purchase your own.


Newton Canadian U11 Mosquito teams play in an interlock league in the Spring with The Interlock rules depending on which Interlock league the division signs up with. League games can take place any day of the week.  Weeknight games start at 5:30pm in April and move to 6:00pm in May and June.  All game scores are recorded and standings are in place to determine play off and championship games.


If you have any questions about this division, please contact our Mosquito Coordinator –