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Guidelines for Volunteering

Newton Canadian baseball needs you! With the amount of work to be done during the season, we could not do it without the parents' efforts and their volunteer time.

  • Every family is required to perform four hours (concession) of volunteer time per child registered with the club.
  • There are exceptions to the four hour requirement:
    • Each team has exemptions for parents who are Coaches, assistant coaches (max 2) or Managers for the team. These exemptions are not transferable.
    • Executive members & people taking on special roles with the club are considered to have completed their volunteer time (these people put in far more than four hours annually)
    • Families have the option of opting out of performing the volunteer time ($150 payable at the time of registration). Newton strongly prefers families do not take this option (we need your help!)
      • This does not exempt families from team duties such as scorekeeping and performing field prep and clean up during league games.
  • The types of duties that qualify for volunteer time include, but are not limited to:
    • Concession duty (league games and tournaments)
    • Park clean up days
    • Special Duties - come to us with your ideas!
  • The onus is on the families to complete the volunteer time. Available opportunities will be posted on the website via the Signup Genius site.
  • Once you claim a shift, you cannot cancel it within 7 days of the scheduled shift.
  • If you have an emergency and need to cancel within 7 days of your scheduled shift we need for you to find a replacement. We need to have a person there for the shift.
  • Volunteers must be 16 or older.