Tadpole (9U)

Baseball for 8-9 year old players

In Tadpole, it’s all about FUN, learning the game and developing fundamentals. In Tadpole we focus on fielding, catching, throwing, running the bases, and learning to hit the ball delivered from a pitching machine operated by an adult as well as some live pitching.
The Spring Season runs from the beginning of April with opening ceremonies and ending mid-June with closing ceremonies.  Players are evaluated and drafted by the coaches onto evenly balanced teams to help promote individual and team development while also introducing moderate levels of competition. Score is kept but there are no standings at this level until playoffs. Some local travel may be required.
At the Tadpole level, base paths are set at 60 feet between bases and 42-46 ft. from pitching rubber to home plate. 8 year old pitchers throw from 40 feet while 9 year old pitchers throw from 42 feet, and a soft version of a hardball is used. For the month of April, a “live” pitcher is used for the first inning, and a pitching machine is used for the last 5 innings. In May and June, “live” pitchers are used for the first 2 innings and a pitching machine for the last 4 innings.

Summerball – Tadpole is the first division where summer “All-Star” play is introduced. Tryouts usually take place in mid-late May. The season usually runs from late June through the end of July. There are additional fee(s) for those participating in the summer program and teams will travel to play other associations. This is entirely a live pitching league.


Tadpole is NOT a drop-off activity. An adult must stay at the park for the duration of each session. Parents will be placed on a rotational schedule to help with bench and snack duties.


Games will be played at Unwin Park on the Tball Diamond #3, with some local travel to nearby associations.


Each player is required to have a glove, white baseball pants, athletic cup, cleats, and helmet with chin strap. Players will be provided with a uniform shirt and belt (with deposit and to be returned) along with a pair of socks and a hat that they can keep.

Please email our Tadpole Coordinator at tad-pole@newtonbaseball.com if you have any questions.