Tadpole (9U)


Children aged 8 – 9 years as of January 1st can register for Tadpole 9U division.  In Tadpole, its all about FUN, learning the game and developing fundamentals. In Tadpole we focus on fielding, catching, throwing, running the bases and learning to hit the ball delivered from a pitching machine operated by an adult.  3 outs or score 4 runs and the opposing team has their turn to bat. Games are no longer than 2hrs or a maximum of 6 innings.

The Spring Season runs from the beginning of April to mid-June.  There will be an evaluation prior to starting the season to ensure even teams are made.  Evaluation date will be emailed to parents.  Tadpole players will usually have 1 game and 1 practice per week. Weeknight games and practices will usually begin at 6 pm, with warm ups 30 minutes prior. Each player is required to have a glove, white baseball pants, athletic cup, cleats, and helmet with chin strap.   This division requires parent volunteers at every practice and games and each player must have a parent with them at all times and we strongly discourage parents to drop and go unless special circumstances.  Live pitching will usually start beginning May 1st for the first two innings, then the game will resume using the pitching machine.

If there are enough players interested to play in the summer, a Summer ball team will be formed and would play the Summer season.  This team will have the opportunity to play various Tadpole teams in the lower mainland and would be able to play and practice more live pitching.  This is especially good practice to familiarize themselves with the next division in Mosquito 11U.