TBall Rally Cap (7U)

Baseball for 6U/7U Players
2024 Season Birthyear: 2018/2017

The Rally Cap Program is an initiative to enhance players and coaches first experience with the game of baseball! The program helps teach players the five FUNdamentals of baseball (Fundamental movement skills, throwing, receiving, hitting, base running) in a fun and safe environment. Players have the opportunity to learn, acquire and perform different baseball skills in order to progress through the different levels of the program.

  1. Create a fun environment in which children and adults are actively engaged together in the game of baseball.
  2. Develop fundamental motor skills, teach baseball skills, and basic rules to our athletes.
  3. Experience success with an emphasis on respect and fair play.
  4. Promote increased self-esteem among Rally Cap participants.
  5. Recruit new coaches, parent helpers and volunteers.
Baseball Canada | Rally Cap Initiation Program

Game days will be on Sundays for the 2024 Spring Season. Expect 1 practice during the week, 1 game on the weekend, as well as 2 Rally Cap Assessment Days throughout the season. All games/practices will be held at Unwin Park.

The season starts in the first weeks of April with our Opening Day Ceremonies and ends in the middle of June with our Closing Day Ceremonies.

TBall Rally Cap players will be provided a uniform shirt and grey pants (with a returnable deposit provided to the league). These must be returned at the end of the season, washed, and in good condition, at which point the deposit will be returned. The players will also be given a hat that they will get to keep.

Parent Commitment

TBall is NOT a drop-off activity. An adult must stay at the park for the duration of each session. Parents may be placed on a rotational schedule to help with bench and snack duties.

TBall Field Locations

All games and practices will be played at Unwin Park on the upper field at TBall Diamond #7 and TBall Diamond #8.

Required Equipment

Each player is required to have their own glove, helmet with chin strap, and rubber/TPU cleats (not metal studded). Although not mandatory, an athletic cup is recommended. Players are encouraged to have their own Tee Ball approved bat that best fits their size requirements (typically 24-27″ at this age level), but the team will have bats available for all players to use. All other team equipment will be provided by the association.


Please email our TBall Coordinator at tball@newtonbaseball.com if you have any questions.