Winter Training Opportunities

Winter Training Opportunities

Hi Newton Families,

Please see below for 2 different winter training opportunities:

Newton Winter Clinics

The winter clinics will be held every Tuesday evening in the gym at MB Sanford Elementary near 72nd and 144th St., sessions will run around 60 minutes and will start November 1st and run until December 13th. There will be an additional training session each week held in the Newton batting cage, TBD. These clinics are run by the divisional coaches and will help develop the team.
The cost for Winter Clinics is $80
Mosquito session will run from 7:00-8:00pm and are open to all new and returning Newton players born 2012 and 2013.
Pee Wee sessions will run from 8:00-9:00pm and are open to all new and returning Newton players born 2010 and 2011.
Bantam sessions will run from 9:00-10:00pm and are open to all new and returning Newton players born 2008 and 2009.

We will start ramping up the intensity of the training sessions in January for players interested inp reparing themselves for AA assessments. Date TBD.
Space is limited by the size of the facility!

Please visit to register Now as it is on a first come first serve basis.



Pitching and Hitting clinics with Coach Phil from MLA:

Coach Phil has planned a 5 week training plan for your child. It starts the week of Sun Oct 30th and ends the week of Nov 29th.

He has planned back to back hitting and pitching clinics on Sundays for parents who can’t make it on weekdays. However, pick whatever is suitable for you.

For parents who have sports and activities on Sundays, there are also back to back and split days for hitting and pitching on Mon and Tues nights.

How to Register: Pick your day and e-transfer Coach Phillip your money to Email him what day you want to reserve. He will confirm once he has received your payment. Should the class be full, he will offer you a refund or an alternative day and time.

If none of the times work for you, he is offering one on one or two person classes (if the cage is available) for $30.00 per hour. Contact him directly via email ( to arrange a suitable day and time. It is a anytime and no commitment schedule if you go this route.

His goal is to provide teachings and muscle memory skills to enhance your child’s baseball skills. In addition, we always talk about how the game is played and how we need to know the situation. Success only comes from practicing what they learned in the clinics. The ones that have put the time in have accelerated their learning. He will go at the pace the child wants to learn at. However we are always trying to reach the next level of baseball AA/AAA.

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